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Classes at COSMM

Guitar Lesson

Private Lessons

Hone your skills with a teacher, one on one.

Sessions are offered weekly.
Get in touch with the school to find a teacher and get scheduled for your lesson time!

COSMM is currently offering acoustic or electric guitar, electric bass, and piano.


In-person and online lessons are available.

Group Ensembles

Ensembles are time to come together with others to create beautiful music! Each group will have a theme and place you with others at a similar skill level.

Ensembles show you what being a musician is all about. Bands will play the end-of-semester showcase, allowing others hear the hard work put in!

If you want to play in a band, this is the class for you! Any musician may apply. COSMM will hold auditions and do our best to group together people with similar interests.

Guitar Pedals
My Favorite Song

Group Classes

Classes offered at COSMM will vary, from how to change your guitar strings, to songwriting, and more!

Check the calendar often and join our social media pages to see all upcoming events.

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Music Explorers

Kids should have time to explore and have fun with music!

These classes will give them time to play new instruments, sing songs, listen to stories and make crafts.

Tuesday and Thursday, 10am - 10:45am

Cost - $20 per class

Ages 5 to 7

Adult is required to stay and play, too!

Music Class
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