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The Mission

To bring musicians together through a fundamental drive to create, and to ignite confidence through the power of music.

What makes COSMM different?

Central Oregon School of Modern Music (COSMM) exists to bring musicians together.

Through private instruction, students gain the skills necessary to use their instrument. However, this is only the beginning of the musical journey, and many learners never go beyond this initial step.

At COSMM, each student will have a unique opportunity to play with people of all skill levels to create music, together. Beyond being super fun, playing with others is a great way to learn new skills and build confidence! It takes bravery to step into a vulnerable situation, and COSMM provides you the tools to take those steps boldly. Teamwork and working toward a common goal, active listening, and finding a flow state are all benefits of playing music with a group.

Students that participate in groups stick with their instrument longer. They are driven to practice more often and are able to learn material more quickly.

COSMM works at finding various instruments of all ages, skills, and styles, and placing them together in a creative space to learn songs that inspire the group. A showcase held at the end of each semester, gives each group a chance to let others hear their hard work. This incredibly rewarding experience will keep students engaged and ready for more!

We look forward to finding your musical voice!

Meet The Team

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